Frequently Asked Questions

I: About products
1. Where can I get the detailde technical data of the products
 In the "products", you can find all our products, click the product you would like to know, you will find detailed technical data and product applications. If you want to know more information, please send us an email to or you can call us at +49  203 – 8048057
2. Where can I find the ink type for each product?
From the Ink Application, you can find the ink tye and products suitable for each ink. If you want to get more inforamtion about ink application, please send us an email to
3. How the products are packed?
All our products are packed in PE bags and cartons in the proper way to protect them from any potential damage during transportationa and storage.
II: About Order & Transportation
1. How do I change quantites or cancel an items in my order?
Before your payment, if you want to change quantities or cancel an items, you could change it in your shopping cart. Please note that once an order has been confirmed or has shipped, you could not change it any more.
2. When will my order ship?
Please see each individual product page for more information on the availability of each product.  You will receive a shipment confirmation when your order has been shipped.
3. Can I change my delivery address after an order has been placed?
 Please note that your order will be under processing as soon as the order confirmation is sent to you, therefore we can not guarantee that we will successuflly be able to change your address after your order has been confirmed. We strongly advise you to double check the delivery information before you place an order.